Viva Pinata Party Animals Achievements


Isn’t today just the achievement day? Along with 3 Arcade titles, the achievements for Viva Pinata Party Animals just showed up in my mail. While they wouldn’t share the pictures yet, they were kind enough to send over all 50 achievement names and descriptions. Also, along with the achievements, enjoy the screen shots and other pictures from the game!

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“Viva Piñata: Party Animals” Achievements

1. All Your Game Are Belong To Us

Play all Challenge Events.

2. Game Guru

Win the game.

3. Whirlm Streak

Win 3 Challenge Events in a row.

4. Kittyfloss Streak

Win 5 Challenge Events in a row.

5. Chewnicorn Streak

Win 8 Challenge Events in a row.

6. Hi-yaaaa!

Destroy 10 objects in a single race while playing as Petunia Pretztail.

7. King Roario Award

Win all Challenge Events and races in a single game.

8. Int’l Piñata of Mystery

Use each power-up at least once in a single game.

9. Coulda Been a Contender

Win 1 race.

10. Get to Know Everyone

Finish the game in any place with each of the 8 characters.

11. Girl Power

As a female character, finish a game while never losing to a male character.

12. Boy Band

As a male character, finish a game while never losing to a female character.

13. Rashberry Gluttony

Collect more than 1,000 pieces of candy while playing as Fergy Fudgehog.

14. Popularity Contest

Complete a game with all 4 characters playing as Hudson Horstachio.

15. Think Fast!

Never get hit in an entire contest by a Fiesta Missile while playing as Paulie Pretztail.

16. No Wipeouts

Never fall down in a single race while playing as Franklin Fizzlybear.

17. Mama’s Boy

Lose to Fergy Fudgehog while playing as Francine Fudgehog.

18. Bear Hug

Never use a power-up on Franklin Fizzlybear while playing as Florence Fizzlybear.

19. Scene Stealer

Beat Hudson Horstachio while playing as Hailey Horstachio.

20. Classic Gamer Reward

Enter the classic gamers code while on the START screen. For a hint, go right into your manual…

21. Keep Your Friends Close

Complete a multiplayer game offline.

22. Pacifist

Win a race without using a Fiesta Missile, Colored Water Bomb, or Smoke Bomb.

23. Scenic Route

Win a race without using any shortcuts.

24. Artful Dodger

Avoid the snowball in Snow-bowl Dodgeball.

25. Catch It if You Can

Play a game with anyone who has this achievement to earn it. Then, you can “spread” it too.

26. Making Friends

Play a game over Xbox LIVE, or invite someone to an online game.

27. Share and Share Alike

Play a game with someone who hasn’t unlocked a Challenge Event you have unlocked.

28. Eaglair Eye Award

Find and use all the shortcuts in the races.

29. Sticky Feet

Use the Buzzlegum Honey Slick power-up 10 times.

30. Flutterscotch Quickness

Use the Flutterscotch Wings power-up to overtake an opponent.

31. Quick Like a Bunnycomb

Hit 3 speed strips in a single race.

32. Redhott Racer

Finish every race.

33. Stuffed!

Get more than 99 candies in any single Challenge Event.

34. Professor Pester Award

Hit every player with a power-up in a single race.

35. Squished!

Jump and ground pound each of the other players at least once in Raisant Stomp.

36. Seeing Double

Finish a game while playing as the same Piñata as at least 1 other opponent.

37. Loaded Bases

Hit the target 4 times in a row in Swing for the Stars.

38. Aiming Artist

Hit the farthest target at least 3 times in 1 Launching Loathers game.

39. Tricky Treats

Destroy at least 25 pumpkins in a single game of Messy Mayhem.

40. Do You Feel Lucky, Piñata?

Win a game of Short Fuse! without the Loather ever detonating in your hands.

41. Strike!

Get a strike in Bouncy Bowling.

42. Gassy Gusts!

Get your ship all the way to the finish line in Burps Ahoy!

43. Don’t Be Left in the Dark

Knock each of the other players out of the light in a single game of Spotlight Mania.

44. Megaton

Use the Fiesta Missile power-up on each of the 8 characters.

45. Social Flutterscotch

Finish the game in first place with each of the 8 characters.

46. Rainbow of Piñatas

Play each of the 8 characters in 1 of their alternate colors.

47. Practice Makes Perfect

Play the game for 5 hours.

48. Host with the Most

Host 3 games over Xbox LIVE.

49. Party Crasher

Win 3 games over Xbox LIVE where you are not the host.

50. So Awesome!

You, the master of unlocking.