Puzzle Quest Release Date? / Achievements

According to a press release sent out by D3Publisher, Puzzle Quest should be coming out this Wednesday. While Microsoft has yet to comment, I expect to see an announcement on Monday to officially announce it. The game is rumored to have a 1200 point cost, but nothing is official until the game is announced by Microsoft. Also, D3Publisher also sent me an advance copy of the achievements for the game, enjoy!


Xbox LIVE™ Arcade Version

List of Xbox LIVE Arcade Achievements:

  • Renowned Hero: Defeat 5 [or 10] opponents
  • Beast Tamer: Capture a Mount
  • Warlord: Win an Xbox LIVE match
  • Knowledgeable Hero: Research a Spell
  • Ogre Slayer: Defeat Dugog
  • Bull Slayer: Defeat Mechataur
  • God Raiser: Rebuild Sartek
  • Master Engineer: Complete your citadel
  • Inspiring Leader: Gain 5 companions
  • Master Craftsman: Forge a Godlike item
  • Legendary Hero: Reach Level 50
  • Master of Death: Defeat Lord Bane