Give Aways

I have been lucky to recieve games from Publishers to give away to members of Publishers get free advertising, and gamers get to win free stuff – a win-win solution that makes everyone happy.

To date, I have given away:

  • 3 Burger King Games ($250.00 Gift Cards) by BK
  • 3 Lost Planets by Capcom
  • Madden 07 by EA
  • Need For Speed Carbon by EA
  • Superman Returns by EA
  • FIFA 07 by EA
  • NCAA March Madness 07 by EA
  • Tiger Woods 07 by EA
  • Tony Hawk Project 8 by Activision
  • Call of Duty 3 by Activision
  • Shrek the THiRD by Activision
  • Spider-Man 3 by Activision
  • 3 Band of Bugs by NinjaBee
  • Soltrio Solitaire from Microsoft
  • Mad Tracks from Load Inc./D3P of America