Responsible for getting the exclusive achievement information (revealed on x360a.org) for the following games:

  • NASCAR 08 by EA
  • Wing Commander Arena by EA and Gaia Industries
  • Boom Boom Rocket by EA and Bizarre
  • Heavy Weapon by Popcap Games
  • Carcassonne by Sierra Online
  • Novadrome by Buena Vista Games
  • Pinball FX by Zen Studios
  • Street Trace NYC by Gaia Industries
  • Mad Tracks by Load Inc. and D3P of America
  • Catan by Big Huge Games
  • Band of Bugs by NinjaBee
  • Eets: Chowdown by Klei Entertainment
  • Luxor 2 by MumboJumbo
  • Bomberman Live by Hudson Entertainment

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