EA Event – Tiger Woods / Madden 08

So, I was preparing this week to go to an EA event, but due to a little error, another good friend of mine is taking my place. I decided that since I couldn’t go to an EA event, why not just have an EA event at my place…

I made some arrangements, and had over 100 people throughout the night come by and play Tiger Woods 08 and Madden 08. Prizes were given away, and Tiger Woods shirts were also given away. I am hoping that someone at EA sees this, so I can continue to do cool events not only at FSU, but here on DaKing240.com.

Also, I will be giving away a few of these Tiger Woods 08 shirts, so if interested, just drop a comment, and I will randomly pick some winners in a few days.

Here are some pictures from the event!

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Special thanks to the EA Campus Rep at Florida State for making this all possible