Call of Duty 4 Beta – Level Up!


This just in, the Call of Duty 4 Beta will be having another level cap raising, but you only have 2 days to experience the new weapons, features and perks. FourZeroTwo shares the details…

Friday Sept. 28th, (first thing aka 10 am PST) we’re going to be maxing out the level cap for the beta at Rank 25. This is going to allow you to rank up and unlock everything that’s not marked Classified including new weapons, perks, and challenges such as:

Assault Rifles:
> G3

Light Machine Guns:
> M60E4

Sniper Rifles:
> Dragunov

Perk 1:
> Claymore X2

Perk 2:
> Slight of Hand

Perk 3:

> Martyrdom

Next weekend (Friday 28th / Sunday 30th) is going to be a mad rush to level 25 as it’s official, come 11:59pm on Sunday the 30th the beta will be coming to a close. I know, I know… but don’t worry. It’ll only be a little over a month from that point that you’ll be able to get your hands on the full version of the game on November 5th.

So there ya have it. Will you be putting down Halo 3 for some last minute free Call of Duty 4?