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XBLA: Yaris and Puzzle Quest

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As I reported last week, Puzzle Quest will be coming out this upcoming Wednesday for 1200 Microsoft Points. However, to make up for the $15 dollar game, the Toyota sponsored Yaris will be free [and only available in the United States / Canada]. Finally, Bomberman Live will be getting new DLC on Wednesday, along with these 2 games.

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NHL 08 vs NHL 2K8


EA and 2K Sports were very kind to send me both copies of the latest NHL franchise for me to review. The reviews both take place on the Xbox 360, so if wondering which NHL title to purchase, hopefully this will help clear it up, and choose a winner.

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Viva Pinata Party Animals Achievements


Isn’t today just the achievement day? Along with 3 Arcade titles, the achievements for Viva Pinata Party Animals just showed up in my mail. While they wouldn’t share the pictures yet, they were kind enough to send over all 50 achievement names and descriptions. Also, along with the achievements, enjoy the screen shots and other pictures from the game! Continue reading